Original sphatik mala
Original sphatik mala
Original Sphatik Mala

Original Sphatik Mala

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Certified And Pure Original Sphatik Mala (Top Quality)

Representing Deity: Goddess Lakshmi

Top Benefits: It helps the wearer by reducing body heat and provides calmness

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An Original Sphatik mala as per the astrology is related to Venus. Sputnik is a crystal which kinds of substitutes Diamond and protects from negative energy. It gives a positive aura and peacefulness around us while cooling the body. People wearing natural Sphatik mala experience undisturbed sleep and mindfulness within their bodies.

This mala is represented for Jaap of Goddess Laxmi. The beads are said to represent the 108 energies of the universe, and the wearer of the mala is said to be able to tap into these energies for guidance and strength.

Original Sphatik Malas are characterized by sparks more than other beads. When its pearls aren’t shining, understand that this is another garland. Furthermore, it is recommended to rub Sphatik Mala in the dark so that it will shine in the dark. If they shine together, you have an original Sphatik Mala. Seeing a rhinestone is like looking through a glass

Sphatik contains a powerful field of light and energy that protects against negative vibrations. In addition to making one more affectionate, it also enables him to live his life to the fullest.

Original Sphatik Mala Benefits:

Sphatik, also known as clear quartz crystal, is believed to have a number of benefits when worn as a mala. Some of the original benefits of Sphatik mala include:

  • The benefits of wearing the Original Sphatik Mala are plenty as it possesses a strong light of energy and provides protection against negative energy.
  • It helps in making a person affectionate and gives them the ability to succeed in life.
  • Besides, wearing a Sphatik mala helps you in fulfilling your desires and wishes in life while keeping you happy.
  • Adorning this mala will strengthen your purpose in life by diminishing stress, healing, and helping you create a balance in life.
  • It is said to have boosted power and spiritual energy as it renders calmness and peace of mind.
  • Original Sphatik Mala Also help to dissolve negative thought patterns and provide protection against negative energies.

By wearing this mala, you can experience mind coolness and normal body temperature as it removes excess heat from the body. Get yourself a mala today and promote the overall healing of your body.

Sphatik Mala Original Importance:

Sphatik or quartz crystal is a power stone that is generally used to make Malas to be used for chanting mantras while worshipping.

  • These beads help remove poverty.
  • It cools down your body and calms your mind. 
  • This mala gives freedom from headaches, blood-related problems, and fever.
  • It removes negative vibrations and thus, makes the wearer stress-free.

Original Sphatik Mala Uses:

Sphatik Malas are traditionally used as a tool in prayer, meditation, and yoga practices. Some common uses of Sphatik mala include:

  • Reciting Mantras or Prayers: Many people use their Sphatik mala as a tool to help them focus and concentrate while reciting mantras or prayers. This can involve moving the mala through the fingers or holding it in the hand while reciting the mantra or prayer.
  • Wearing as a Necklace or Bracelet: Some people choose to wear their Sphatik mala as a necklace or bracelet as a reminder of their spiritual practice or as a way to bring positive energy into their life.
  • Using in Meditation: Sphatik malas can be used as a focusing tool in meditation, helping practitioners to maintain their concentration and focus on the present moment.
  • Using in Yoga Practice: Some people use their Sphatik mala as a tool in their yoga practice, holding it in the hand or wearing it during their practice.

It is important to note that the uses of a Sphatik mala may vary depending on the individual’s personal spiritual practice and beliefs. It is also important to remember that the power of a mala comes from within and that the material it is made from is only one aspect of its significance.

Who Can Wear Sphatik Mala? 

Astrology plays an important role in defining who wearing Sphatik mala will be better for whom. So astrologers advise that wearing Sphatik mala will be better for –

  • The people with Taurus, Libra, Gemini, Cancer, and Virgo zodiac signs.
  • Someone who wants to become free from evil spirits and negativity.
  • A person looking for gaining wealth in life.

How To Wear A Original Sphatik Mala?

The process of wearing the Original Sphatik Mala on Friday is called Vidhi. However, it should be kept in cow’s milk before being worn. Take the Sphatika mala to your nearest temple of Mother Divine in the evening, after bathing and doing your chores, and touch the mala to her feet. The mala can now be worn around the neck.

How To Test Original Sphatik Mala :

The First method to check its originality is to rub its beads with each other. The Original Sphatik Mala Always Spark.

Take a teaspoon in your hand. Add three drops of water to it. Mix the same with your hand Blow into the water. You will get the smell of Saffron. And if you get a result then it means, the one you are using is original.

How to Use Sphatik Mala for Japa?

It can be used for Japa in place of beads. However, here are a few points that need to be kept in mind. The mala should be used in the right hand and the Japa should be performed in the right hand as well. While counting the individual beads, the thumb should touch the bead in the center, and the middle, ring, and little fingers of the right hand should touch the beads on the right and left of the mala. While counting, the left hand should be kept in Gyan Mudra. *While starting the Japa, the thumb of the right hand should touch the mala in the center of the mala, the left hand should be kept at the level of the heart and the eyes should be closed. While doing the Japa, the eyes should be focused on the tip of the nose.

Buying Tips :

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FAQs on Sphatik Mala

What is a Sphatik mala?

A Sphatik mala is a necklace or string of beads made from clear quartz crystal, also known as rock crystal or Sphatik. It is believed to have healing and spiritual properties and is often used in prayer, meditation, and yoga practices.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Sphatik Mala?

Sphatik is believed to have several benefits when worn as a mala. It can help to purify and balance the energy in the body, improve focus and concentration, and enhance intuition and clarity of thought. It is also believed to be a powerful healing stone that can help to alleviate stress and promote a sense of calm and well-being.

How Do You Use a Sphatik Mala?

Sphatik males are typically worn around the neck or wrist or can be held in hand during prayer or meditation. Some people choose to recite a mantra or prayer while holding the mala, using it to help them focus their thoughts and intentions. Others may wear the mala as a reminder of their spiritual practice or bring positive energy into their lives.

How Do You Care for a Sphatik Mala?

To keep your Sphatik mala in good condition, handling it gently and storing it safely when not in use is important. You can clean your mala by rinsing it in cool water and drying it with a soft cloth. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures, and store it in a soft pouch or box to protect it from damage.

Can Anyone Wear a Sphatik Mala?

People of all ages and backgrounds typically wear Sphatik males, and there is no specific requirement for who can wear one. However, it is important to remember that the power of a mala comes from the intention and energy you put into it rather than the material it is made from. Therefore, choosing a mala that feels meaningful and personal to you is important and approach your spiritual practice with an open and receptive mindset.

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