Original Shivling
Original Shivling
Original Shivling

Original Shivling

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Get The Best 100% Original Shivling (Top Quality)

Top Benefits: Original Shivling is said to be a powerful tool for meditation and can help to connect you with the divine.

Ruling God: Lord Shiva

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Original Shivling is a symbol of Lord Shiva and represents a great Hindu belief. The Original Shivling is known as the great devotion in Hinduism and it is worshipped in many temples and homes. Traditionally in Indian culture, Mahakal Shivling was seen as a symbol of energy, positivity, and the shakti of Lord Shiva. It is represented as a yoni, a symbol of Goddess Shakti. The bond of Shiva and Yoni has a great bond that speaks of the unbreakable unity of males and females. It has a cosmic egg on the top also known as Brahmanda in Sanskrit and it has neither end nor a starting. Moreover, it is believed that this Jagat will merge or break down, and in this way, it is considered to possess an indication of development.

Significance of Original Shivling:

  • A Mahadev Shivling comprises three different parts called Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. The lowest part is known as Brahma, the middle is Vishnu and the upper one is Shiva. So, a Shivling comprises three powers in one- the power & strength of Shiva and Brahma
  • When a Bholenath Shivling is installed at temples or homes, they provide vibration of harmony, peace, and oneness within the place. It is the potent of Shiva which is worshipped by Yogis and Saints for self-actualization.
  • Additionally, the strong power in the Original Shivling helps in inducing concentration of mind. The crystal glaze of the cosmic egg helps in attaining peace of mind only by looking at it. It is the main reason why many saints and sages worship Shiva Lingam for more than a hundred decades at temples and place them in their homes.
  • Original Shivling has many different powers, such as the ability to cure disease and bring rain.
  • Shivling is also associated with fertility, both in humans and animals.
  • The Shivling is also considered to be a very holy and powerful symbol. It is often worshipped and revered by Hindus.

Benefits of Original Shivling:

  • Original Shivling is said to be more powerful and potent than ones that are not original. This is because they have not been diluted or changed in any way.
  • Owning an original Shivling is said to bring good luck and fortune. It is also believed to protect one from harm and negative energy.
  • An Original Shivling can be a great tool for meditation and prayer. It can help center the mind and connect one with the divine.
  • The Shivling is also said to be a powerful tool for healing. When you meditate on the Shivling, it is said that you can channel healing energy into your body
  • The Original Shivling is also considered to be a powerful symbol of protection and is said to ward off evil spirits and negative energies.
  • It helps to focus your thoughts and prayers more effectively.
  • it is a powerful tool for helping you connect with the energy of Lord Shiva.
  • An original Shivling can help to increase the positive vibrations in your home or office space.
  • Shivlings are known to be auspicious symbols that bring good luck and fortune.

Original Shivling Experience:

Being one of the most auspicious spiritual idols, Shivling is known to bring positive energies, harmony, happiness, and spiritual waves into the house. People have experienced many positive changes in their lives by daily worshipping Shivling.

Direction and Placement of Original Shivling at Home:

The North Direction is viewed as the most loved heading of Lord Shiva. It is additionally said that he lives in Kailash in the North direction. Placing an original Shivling in a  home is one of the most important aspects of puja The Shivalinga, which is a symbol of the Supreme Lord Shiva, should be placed in the northeast corner of your home. As a result of this placement, it is believed that the flow of positive energy is increased in the home. Therefore, one should consciously try to place a Shivalinga in their home

Check The Following Things Before Buying Original Shivling:

  • When it comes to buying an original Shivling, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s important to find a reputable dealer who specializes in Shiva lingams. This will ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product.
  • Once you’ve found a dealer, it’s important to inspect the Shivling carefully. Make sure that there are no cracks or chips in the stone. Also, take a look at the color. The best quality Shivlings are typically a deep red or purple color.
  • Finally, it’s important to ask about the provenance of the Original Shivling. Make sure you know where it came from and that it’s been properly consecrated. This will ensure that you’re getting a powerful and effective lingam.

If you are looking for a way to improve your spiritual practice or just want to add a touch of positivity to your space, then consider placing an original Shivling in your home or office.

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FAQs on Shivling

What is a Shivling?

A Shivling is a symbol of the Hindu deity Shiva, who is revered as the destroyer of evil and the transformer within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that includes Brahma and Vishnu. Shivlings are typically depicted as a lingam, which is a cylindrical stone or metal object that is worshipped in Hinduism as a symbol of the divine energy of Shiva.

What is the Significance of a Shivling in Hinduism?

In Hinduism, the Shivling is considered to be a representation of the divine, eternal, and infinite nature of Shiva. It is believed to be a symbol of the divine phallus and is worshipped as a representation of the creative and reproductive powers of the universe. The Shivling is also considered to be a representation of the unity of the male and female principles, and is seen as a symbol of the divine masculine and feminine energies.

How is a Shivling Worshipped?

In Hinduism, the Shivling is typically worshipped with offerings of milk, water, fruit, flowers, and incense. It is also common to offer prayers and recite mantras or shlokas (sacred Hindu texts) while worshipping the Shivling. Some Hindus also perform abhishekam, which is a ritual in which the Shivling is bathed with sacred water, milk, and other offerings.

Can a Shivling Be Placed in a Home or Temple?

Yes, Shivlings can be placed in a home or temple and are typically worshipped as part of daily puja (worship) rituals. In some Hindu households, the Shivling is considered to be the centerpiece of the puja room, and is often placed on a raised platform or altar. In temples, Shivlings are typically placed in a central location and are the focus of daily puja rituals.

Is It Necessary to Worship a Shivling?

Worship of a Shivling is not necessary for all Hindus, as the choice of which deities to worship is a personal decision for each individual. Some Hindus may choose to focus their worship on Shiva, while others may choose to worship other deities or no deities at all. Ultimately, the decision to worship a Shivling or any other deity is a matter of personal faith and belief.

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