12 Mukhi Rudraksha
12 Mukhi Rudraksha
12 Mukhi Rudraksha

Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha (Nepal)

Rs. 4,400

Certified Natural Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha (Top Quality) in Oval Bead shape.

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An Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha favors its wearer with a bold, fruitful life, intelligence, accurate critical power, and enchantment. It additionally saves those individuals who wear 11 Mukhi rudraksha from inadvertent passing. This Rudraksha provides control and direction over every one of the six faculties and accordingly it is exceptionally useful in meditation.

Role Of Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha: 

It instills a sensation of smart activities and fortitude. This globule has a solid defensive power which is great for eliminating dread and furthermore helps in fixation. The wearer of eleven Mukhi becomes challenging. 11 Mukhi rudraksha mala actuates daringness and self-faith in the wearer to have a brave existence. It is likewise useful in contemplation and eliminates confusion in human existence. 11 Faced Rudraksha helps the wearer who wants strength in work and life. It is really great for people who are restrained, powerless, and unfortunate.

This Rudraksha is really great for ladies as it offers long life to their spouses. Eleven Faced Rudraksha helps the individual at an otherworldly, psychological, and non-psychological level. 11 face rudraksha is said that the wearer of this dab gets benefited by ideals that equivalents to bestowing 1,000 cows and performing a thousand acts of kindness. Those individuals who tend to settle on bogus choices are really forceful, and shot-tempered ought to wear this Eleven Mukhi Rudraksha. This Eleven Faced Rudraksha is said to help in body torments, spinal pain, persistent liquor abuse, and liver sicknesses.

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